Reality Check

So it’s been a while again – oops. After our crazy Machu Picchu climb, we hit a bit of a wall, both physically and mentally. Our bodies are just starting to feel normal again – no fevers, no double-digit bathroom visits per day, restoration of appetite (though not weight, in T’s case, but we’ll keep force feeding him). Our physical sickness led to some very nostalgic homesickness, to the point where we ate Domino’s pizza for 2 dinners in the …

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No Guts, No Glory: Our Machu Picchu Story

Note: As I post this, I’m lying in bed in our Puno, Peru B&B (Lucky Your House – awesome hostel – highly recommend). I pretty much haven’t moved from the bed since Sunday night and have been rocking a fever between 99-103, accompanied by all kinds of other special issues I won’t detail here. Suffice it to say, the nomadic life has finally caught up with me. As much as I know I will truly cherish our trekking and Machu …

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The Perfect Travel(er) Day Defined

If you were to ask me what the perfect traveler day is, I would describe a day that resembles the day we spent last Monday in Cusco, Peru. It went something like this: 9am: Wake up. It’s pretty cold in the morning in Cusco because it’s at some 13,000 ft altitude in the Andes Mountains. So I wake up, and it takes some will power to leave the heavy covers of our Hostel bed. Considering my only real commitments are to keep …

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Colombiana (I kind of wish)

Our time in Colombia has been utterly brief – a measly 10 days – and I am writing this on our way out of the country (in Cali, to be exact) en route to Cusco, Peru. Our overall impressions are that this is a gorgeous, vibrant, fast-growing, and youthful country filled with people striving to outgrow their violent and volatile past and embracing all things modern and beautiful, but maintaining an unshakeable pride in being a Colombiano/a. The people here are, generally …

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