Son of a son of a sailor

Words are failing me. I don’t think I can fully describe the last week of our lives with the accuracy and depth required for you to fully comprehend how incredible it was. Suffice it to say, sailing from Portobelo, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia via the San Blas Islands on the S/V Luka will be one of our most treasured memories from our year of travels. The most important factor to our enjoyment was the people we were fortunate enough to …

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The Great Hot Dog Project: Panama City

You may not know that I am a Great Hotdog Project correspondent for StewOver.com.  As such, I have the responsibility to uphold the standards and founding principles of the HotDog Quotient.  This is my quest, and I aim to apply the HotDog Quotient around the world from the beef dogs of Argentina to the actual dog-meat-based dogs (I’m assuming) in Vietnam.  I plan to make my vendor/restaurant selection based on popularity as judged by the amount of people …

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Santa Catalina, Surf Haven

Santa Catalina, probably my favorite place we have visited so far. A beautifully rustic tiny surf town on the southern Pacific shore of Panama.  It is the home of multiple international-class surf beaches and not much more – which is precicely why it’s such a gem. No internet (basically), no supermarkets, no chain businesses of any sort (including gas stations and ATMs), only a few scattered restaurants of questionably quality and sanitation practices, and a point break that makes beautiful waves …

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Our journey to Panama started on Saturday morning at 10am from San Jose, Costa Rica. The bus was almost empty and only charged $8 for the 6 hour drive to a town just past the CR/Panama border. Unfortunately, I needed to use the facilities on board and was faced with an unfortunate predicament when told the lock on the bathroom door could not be removed. In my evaluation of the situation, I determined that a bladder infection would be more …

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