Salvador – before and after

First – some bragging. Our Indian food “thank you” dinner on our last Saturday in Fortaleza was an all-day affair and a total success. I have never cooked for 10 people and certainly don’t cook Indian food very often and definitely not in other countries, so I was a wee bit nervous. Otavio drove us to a fancy grocery store that fortunately had quite a few spices (in Portugese, so we had to open everything and smell it to figure …

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This one goes out to Tom

Sad news today. One of our Panama-to-Colombia shipmates emailed us (from Ecuador) because he heard that Tom, the captain of our ship, the Luka, passed away from a heart attack! He and Bea were sailing from Colombia to Panama with 4 passengers when they apparently ran into some navigation trouble. The stress caused Tom to have a heart attack. He had just found out in Colombia that one of his arteries was 99% blocked and was planning to go back …

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Norte do Brasil

America may have my body & mind and India may have my soul, but Brazil has taken my heart. As much as I loved the cities of Colombia and the history and children of Peru and will surely love the vibrance and tastes of Argentina and Chile, none can compete with the profound beauty of Brazil and its people. It is to Brazil that I owe a renewed appreciation for living life to the fullest, for relaxing without feeling ashamed, …

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