Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

We just wanted to take a second to wish you, our family and friends, old and new, near and far, very sincere wishes for a happy new year. For some dear to us, 2012 was difficult and challenging, for others, a year of new beginnings and happy occurrences. For the majority, as is most years, it was a mix of incredible and unfortunate. Whatever the case, for each of you, we hope 2013 brings you joy, success, adventure, love,  and the chance to try something new. We hope you look back on 2012 and remember the many good times had with loved ones, the delicious meals, the trips, the hilarious moments, and the triumph over challenge and adversity.

As for us, 2012 is going to be a very difficult year to top, but we aim to try! The memories, friendships, laughter, chaos, excitement, and adventures of our year will stay with us forever, and the lessons have been taken to heart and will be used to live life just a little bit differently in 2013. We may not travel for a year in 2013, but we aim to live adventurously, fully, and focused on making the most of each day, regardless of where we are in the world!

Happy New Year from the Mastersons in Bangkok, Thailand!

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