Our Itinerary

Our itinerary is a bit loose right now by design. Spontaneity is the nature of the adventure so it will take shape as the trip progresses. But here it is:

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Arrival Departure Destination Comments
2/29 3/15 Caye Caulker, Belize Small Island to get scuba certified
3/15 3/18 San Ignacio, Belize Ancient Mayan ruins and cave tours
3/18 4/3 San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua Spanish school and surfing
4/3 4/6 Ometepe, Nicaragua Volcano Hiking, sweating our huevos off
4/6 4/10 Granada, Nicaragua Colonial city, more volcanoes
4/10 4/12 Matagalpa, Nicaragua Cooling off in the mountains
4/12 4/14 San Jose, Costa Rica Relax before Panama
4/14 5/19 Panama Beaches, jungles, 4 days sailing to Colombia
5/19 6/1 Colombia City touring, beaches and volcanoes
6/1 6/20 Peru Machu Picchu, Arequipa Starwood luxury resort
6/20 6/24ish Bolivia On way to Brazil (La Paz)
6/24ish 7.5ish Brazil Rio, Salvador, Visit from Jay/Kristal
7.5ish 8ish Uruguay Dont know…
8ish 9ish Argentina Steak and Wine, Tango lessons
9ish 9/17 Chile Mountains and wine
9/18 9/25ish Chicago, IL 1-2 weeks-ish
Vietnam Motorcycle tour
Cambodia Tour
Laos Tour
Malaysia Visit Diplomat Jen & Kevin
Singapore Eat
Indonesia Surf, Island Hop, meet up with Nangias
1ish (2013)  1ish India Visit from Jim/Kristin, Kerala, Family Visit
2ish Home Re-acclimate

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