Our Itinerary

Our itinerary is a bit loose right now by design. Spontaneity is the nature of the adventure so it will take shape as the trip progresses. But here it is:

If you want to take a look at a map version of this click here

Arrival Departure Destination Comments
2/29 3/15 Caye Caulker, Belize Small Island to get scuba certified
3/15 3/18 San Ignacio, Belize Ancient Mayan ruins and cave tours
3/18 4/3 San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua Spanish school and surfing
4/3 4/6 Ometepe, Nicaragua Volcano Hiking, sweating our huevos off
4/6 4/10 Granada, Nicaragua Colonial city, more volcanoes
4/10 4/12 Matagalpa, Nicaragua Cooling off in the mountains
4/12 4/14 San Jose, Costa Rica Relax before Panama
4/14 5/19 Panama Beaches, jungles, 4 days sailing to Colombia
5/19 6/1 Colombia City touring, beaches and volcanoes
6/1 6/20 Peru Machu Picchu, Arequipa Starwood luxury resort
6/20 6/24ish Bolivia On way to Brazil (La Paz)
6/24ish 7.5ish Brazil Rio, Salvador, Visit from Jay/Kristal
7.5ish 8ish Uruguay Dont know…
8ish 9ish Argentina Steak and Wine, Tango lessons
9ish 9/17 Chile Mountains and wine
9/18 9/25ish Chicago, IL 1-2 weeks-ish
Vietnam Motorcycle tour
Cambodia Tour
Laos Tour
Malaysia Visit Diplomat Jen & Kevin
Singapore Eat
Indonesia Surf, Island Hop, meet up with Nangias
1ish (2013)  1ish India Visit from Jim/Kristin, Kerala, Family Visit
2ish Home Re-acclimate
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  • Please leave a comment if you know of cool things to do in these countries – boom.

    • ChemChem

      I have a friend that just got back fro Vietnam that did a motorcycle tour over there. The pictures he took were amazing. They used the same company that guided the Top Gear crew 

    • Brian Kruk

      Vietnam – Visit Dalat, very chill, great food/coffee. Mui Ne is a nice beach escape, but there are several others. Vietnam is one of my favorite places. You’ll love it.
      Cambodia – Angkor Wat
      Japan – Stay in Ryokans. If you’re there in winter check out an onsen. Take the shinkansen somewhere. Visit Kyoto. Karaoke.

  • Kganzel09

    I haven’t been to any of these countries…but my brother does have connections in Brazil. His best friend’s wife is from there if you want me to get some contact info for you so at least you’d know of someone in country.

  • Stewart_meyer

    First off, I can’t believe Seattle isn’t on this itinerary.  What the F.
    Spent a couple of weeks in Peru in ’08.  You of course need to do Machu Picchu (it does live up to the hype).  Cuzco is a cool city, Lake Titicaca, Arequipa, all cool.  Not much happening in Lima.

  • Doreen Darsh

    Tyler – this Doreen from QScend.  I became a certified scuba diver last yr – and made about 30 dives at different warm water sites.  Try Grand Cayman if you end up in that region.

    • Tyler0903

      Thanks Doreen! We are starting in belize which supposedly has some amazing dive sites so i hope to have some awesome dive experiences there. How did you get 30 dives in on one trip?!

  • Doreen Darsh

    I got 30 dives in one trip because my experiences as a skydiver helped me catch on really quickly to scuba…no, just joking….Actually made those dives over several trips – Virgin Gorda (The Rhone – a real shipwreck), Key West, Nassau, Maui, Grand Cayman.  Belize (lots of seahorses?) is suppose to really good.  Check out Scuba Shack’s website – from CT.  You can find some great trip reviews about these different dive destinations.  I dive with this group. 

  • Geneva Rhee

    I know this is some time away, but I have connections in Chile and Singapore, if you want insider info!

    • thanks so much Geneva!! We will definitely take you up on that, esp. Chile since we really have no idea what we’re going to do there (yet). 🙂 

  • PN

    In SJDS, take a cab up to the guarded gates to see the Jesus statue.  Go there around 5:00PM with some new friends, pack a few beers and watch the sunset over the town.  The walk back is long but if you have a group it’s not too bad and safe-ish.  When you need a day away from the beach, trek up to Pelican Eyes hotel and see if you can hang out in their infinity pool (buy some beer there or pay a small fee).  Watch another cool sunset from inside the pool.

  • Justin Donald

    I’m so excited about your travels.  I love Central and South America.  In Panama we flew into Panama City and stayed at one of the big chain hotels by the beach.  We went to a casino across the street and went downtown for dinner and drinks.  I can’t recall any of the places we went to though.  However, I especially like Bocas Del Toro.  We stayed at Hotel Bocas Del Toro.  It is a great place and affordable.  We did some island taxis and went from island to island.  There is a great place we went to for lunch of one of the small islands.  Its under a straw hut at the end of the doc.  A guy from Kansas (graduated from KU) owns it and retired there.  Ask around and someone will know the name.  Also there is a great Thai restaurant that is a bit of a hike but worth it.  The cook is actually from Thailand and it was some of the best green and red curry I have ever had.  Ask around for the name but their is only 1 Thai restaurant.  I highly recommend Bocas Del Toro.  

    In Brazil we stay in Rio most of the time.  The statue of Jesus is an amazing sight.  I recommend checking it out.  We also went hang gliding over the rain forest onto the beach.  That was a trip let me tell you!  Definitely hang glide.  Stay near Ipanema Beach, not Copacabana.  Rio can be dangerous so stay around people and don’t venture into the favelas.  The national drink is a Caipirinha, which is muddled with all kinds of different fresh fruit.  I had one of every fruit they had.  

    I have been to Argentina a few times.  You may also reach out to Ben Jenkins because he lived there for 5+ years. The first time we spent most of our time in BA.  We really liked SOHO as it’s a cool part of town.  We had a great expereince with drinks and food at the Faena Hotel (http://www.faenahotelanduniverse.com/).  Check out the link.  Iguassu Falls is beautiful and worth checking out if you have a lot of time in Argentina.  Mendoza is amazing as well.  It is a breathtaking wine region.  Weather you go or not, make sure you drink plenty of Malbec.  

    In Urugauy we stayed in hostels but they were really nice.  We traveled all over.  We rented a car and went to Montivedeo and then to Punta Del Este, which was one of my favorites cities in the southern hemisphere.  Many call it the fashion and vacation capital of South America. Europeans are starting to visit there a ton now as it has become quite a hot spot.  You should check out when the high season for travel there is but we hit it up just after all the people left and it was still great!  Spring Break time it is usually bustling.  

    I’ll wait to comment on your Asia trip until it is closer.        

  • Rog

    You guys should make a google map of this

  • Seets

    I FINALLY got some time to read your blog…amazing stuff!  Seems- you’re an incredible writer.  I feel like I’m there with you…wish I was! Also love the Nangia shout-out in your itinerary.  CANNOT WAIT.

  • Susan

    Hey Seema,

    Definitely go to Lombok if you have a chance. When I was there the island had only one hotel (I’m not saying how many years ago that was). There was an old ruin of a Dutch hotel, with a natural rock pool fed by cool water from higher up. It had a real Somerset Maugham feel to it. I see you’ve done lots of volcanoes, but Bali has a beautiful one as well. Bali also has the artisan villages, each one offering something different. Watch out for chickens on the road if you drive! Another wonderful island is Ambon – absolutely beautiful beaches! I know you and Tyler are having the time of your lives. Enjoy every second! Take care, Susan

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