Good Morning, Vietnam

I’m a little late on this post since we’ve already been in Viet Nam (I’m going local) for 1.5 weeks, but mark that as a testament to how much fun we’re having. Our journey from Cambodia on Thursday the 18th was neither our least nor most interesting border crossing experience. Our shuttle bus from Kep took us to the border and dropped us off – we then rode a different shuttle bus (but coordinating companies) to Ha Tien to catch …

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The Cambodian Coast

The final piece of our Cambodian adventure had to be oceanside, so we decided to visit the towns of Sihanoukville and Kep. From Siem Reap, we took a night bus to Phnom Penh then on to Sihanoukville (after about a 30 minute “layover” in PP – just enough time at 1am for T to tuk-tuk to our PP hostel to pick up our point-and-shoot which we had accidentally left there). The night bus is a new concept in these parts, …

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Angkor What?!

Once again, Tyler and I found ourselves in a place that leaves you speechless – that completely exceeds the hype – that demands introspection upon inspection – that inspires architectural awe and fills you with wonder. The serenity, splendor, and spirituality of Angkor Wat and surrounding temples is well-known and documented, but is something to experience firsthand. We were lucky to have an overcast misty day to keep us cool-ish (still 90+) and to add to the mysterious aura surrounding …

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Putting the Indo in Indochina

In Central and South America, I was mistaken for all of the following nationalities: Belizean, Nicaraguan, Panamanian, Dominican, Israeli (to be fair, the woman might’ve been high), Colombian, Peruvian, and Brazilian. One week in Cambodia and I am decidedly Indian – even the woman giving me my $5 mani/pedi yesterday pointed out my Indian nose. This is my first time in Indochina, and I’ve always wondered how people in this region feel about both their giant over-populated neighbors. India and …

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Hospitals & Weddings & Stereotypes, Oh My!

It wouldn’t really be fair to spend 2 weeks in America and not give any sort of recap of our time there – after all, adventures happen at home too. After spending a few days in Santiago, Chile, which was an extremely modern and easily navigable city, we received bad news on the home front on Thursday, the 13th. We had spent the evening at an over-priced expat sports bar in the nicest neighborhood watching the Bears vs. Packers game as …

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