The Thais that Bond Us

Tyler and I are blessed/fortunate/lucky for any number of reasons, but one of our most highly valued life-possessions are our relatively numerous but equally important ‘best friends.’ T&I have a lot (relatively speaking) of them, and if you’ve heard us mention these impacting relationships, we usually preface with something like “one of my best friends from ______.” My brother used to tease me incessantly for my inability to name just one – seemingly defeating the meaning of the title (we …

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A Very Merry Thai Christmas

We have spent the last 2 weeks in beautiful (and slightly insane) Phuket, Thailand at the Thailand Camp (formerly Promthep Muay Thai and perhaps also known as Phuket Fit) on Rawai Beach. I’ll be honest, I had zero interest in ever visiting Phuket – though beautiful, I had heard it was absurdly touristy and at times a bit dangerous – and considering Thailand’s plethora of beach options, why visit this one? But we had 2ish weeks to kill and it …

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