This one goes out to Tom

Sad news today. One of our Panama-to-Colombia shipmates emailed us (from Ecuador) because he heard that Tom, the captain of our ship, the Luka, passed away from a heart attack! He and Bea were sailing from Colombia to Panama with 4 passengers when they apparently ran into some navigation trouble. The stress caused Tom to have a heart attack. He had just found out in Colombia that one of his arteries was 99% blocked and was planning to go back to Poland to have surgery as soon as they landed back in Panama. T&I are so sad to hear about Tom’s passing and send our thoughts and prayers to his wife and family. He was truly a wonderful man – nice and funny with a fantastically chill and open-minded worldview. You don’t meet people like him often, and we feel lucky to have had the pleasure. Rest in peace, Capitan.

For more information, see this “article“.

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