Ridiculous Awesomeness

So it’s been a few days since I posted – mainly because I’ve been having a ridiculously awesome time. During that time I have been lucky enough to have some of the most entertaining and challenging experiences of my life. Limestone ocean sinkhole After getting scuba certified with Frenchie’s, a dive shop 1/2 block from our cabana, I scheduled a dive to the Blue Hole, which is recommended only for divers that have done 10-12 dives after their certification.  I …

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Derelict / Improvised Construction

Most things that I build end up looking like this.  Not everyone can be an carpentology major in college, and those that didn’t dont usually build things.  In small island communities, much like in small businesses, people have to wear many different hats which can add to efficiency but reduce quality.  Some of these things however certainly violate my comfort level for factor of safety.  As an engineer, many things had factor of safety ratings of 2-4 or higher, some …

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Exploring Caye Caulker

Note: Caye = Key, and is pronounced as such The image above (you can click on it to make it full sized) is of our $22/night shack in the back of Wish Willy’s, an interesting, dog-occupied restaurant and hostel.  Not really any amenities in this dwelling, but we have gotten used to the cold shower by day 2 – the trick is to just man-up.  We have pretty much everything you would need to be happy: a running toilet, a bed …

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Our Itinerary

Our itinerary is a bit loose right now by design. Spontaneity is the nature of the adventure so it will take shape as the trip progresses. But here it is: If you want to take a look at a map version of this click here Arrival Departure Destination Comments 2/29 3/15 Caye Caulker, Belize Small Island to get scuba certified 3/15 3/18 San Ignacio, Belize Ancient Mayan ruins and cave tours 3/18 4/3 San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua Spanish school and surfing 4/3 4/6 Ometepe, Nicaragua Volcano Hiking, sweating our huevos off 4/6 4/10 Granada, Nicaragua Colonial city, more volcanoes 4/10 4/12 Matagalpa, Nicaragua Cooling off in the …

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