Exploring Caye Caulker

Note: Caye = Key, and is pronounced as such

The image above (you can click on it to make it full sized) is of our $22/night shack in the back of Wish Willy’s, an interesting, dog-occupied restaurant and hostel.  Not really any amenities in this dwelling, but we have gotten used to the cold shower by day 2 – the trick is to just man-up.  We have pretty much everything you would need to be happy: a running toilet, a bed w/mosquito net, a cooler full of Belikin beer, and eachother – and wifi to bring you this post.  We have it pretty well locked down, ice gets delivered to the cooler (no fridge), beer comes by wholesale in the morning by truck – just picked up a case, and the street provides all the delicious foods you need.

Yesterday, instead of spending time in the sun, we spent 4 hours cooped up in back-breaking ground chairs watching DVDs for our scuba certification class.  I learned what SPGs and BCDs are, and that Seema might have some equalizing issues due to constant allergy problems. At least there are no cats at the bottom of the ocean – she will probably end up being allergic to sea cucumbers, the most benign life on the planet.  Also according to the video, scuba divers are better under pressure than non-divers. ha.ha… glad that’s over.

Im adjusting to not having anything to do, which as of late has been the opposite of my life.  Over the last few years, I have tended to fill every waking moment of my daily with either work, social or fitness activity in attempt to satiate my self-diagnosed ADHD.  Being busy is where I’m comfortable and now I’m pretty far outside of that zone with almost nothing to do but relax.  An adjustment and adaptation I’m enjoying getting used to.

Today is our first confined water dive.  Seema is a bit apprehensive about 8ft of water, and so am I – i’d like to start in the Blue Hole instead of the kiddy pool.

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