To Aunt Dorothy

Tyler’s Great-Aunt Dorothy passed away early in the morning on Monday, September 3rd. She was almost 91 years old and in good health until being diagnosed with inoperable stomach cancer this spring. She chose not to undergo any treatment and unfortunately  and most undeservedly faced a great deal of pain in her last days. When we chatted with her though, she was nothing but positive and grateful for having lived the life she had. Her faith in God and her honest acceptance that her time had come never wavered.

We are still in disbelief that we won’t get to see your beautiful smile and kind face when we arrive home next week. Your 90+ years of life have been such an inspiration to so many, T&I included, and we’re grateful to have had you in our lives. Your wisdom and kindness are unmatched; your support for us (especially for this trip, which meant SO much to us) and all of your family members through good times and bad was always unwavering. We hope to live half the life you did and continue to dance in our hearts when our feet finally give up. There have been many times on this trip that we wished you could’ve been with us physically (like dancing in the streets of Salvador), but we know you are experiencing it all with us in spirit, and we carry you in our hearts. Rest in peace, Aunt Dorothy.

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